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Smart software projects

that put you ahead

Our proven TAEO technology helps you...

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Save fuel

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Predict maintenance activity

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Monitor operation compliance

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And much more!

How it works

1. No equipment installation

Your fleet already contains numerous data sources that you may not necessarily be using to the full extent. With your assistance, we will automate the process of retrieving your data.

2. Advanced analysis of your data

All of our projects run on our TAEO platform that allows us to map your equipment data with your network. From there, we can identify fuel-savings opportunities, compliance infractions and trends that lead to equipment maintenance and failure.

3. A simple monitoring system to reach your goals

You can't improve something you can't measure. We provide an all-in-one platform that is simple to use and monitor project results.

Savings Calculator

Don't pay for expensive hardware when your fleet already has everything you need to protect your fleet and save now!

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